Our Corporate Culture

DERTOUR Group Vision & Mission Statement 

DERTOUR Group’s Mission Statement is based on our shared vision, purpoe, values and principles.

Our vision

We are a leading international travel and tourism group with the best performing brands in each market.
We benefit from the strong individual businesses in our network and collaboration across the group.

Our mission

We make a difference by working together, to turn customer holiday dreams into reality.

Our values

  • Drive
    Showing energy, passion and determination. Approaching every task with enthusiasm.
  • Engage
    Creating a great working environment in which everyone can feel they have a positive contribution to make.
  • Respect
    Taking advantage of different perspectives and respecting differences among team members, customers and partners.

Our principles

  • Results oriented
    We make things happen by taking personal responsibility for our work, looking for the best solutions, making informed decisions and doing things to the highest possible standard. We recognise that profitability is essential to our continued success.
  • Customer driven
    We put the customer at the centre of everything we do; with a wide range of products and destinations, the most efficient processes and attention to detail, and an obsession with creating an effortless customer experience that leads to outstanding levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Bold and innovative and innovative
    We are willing to change and take risks to improve the customer experience and achieve better financial results. We seek out ways to transform the way we operate and are happy to disrupt the status quo as a way to improve. We use mistakes as a chance to make things better.
  • Collaborative
    We rely on innovative, enthusiastic and open collaboration within the group and with all our partners. This is our main success factor.
  • Responsible and aware
    We only make promises we intend to keep. We uphold the highest standards of corporate behaviour, ensuring compliance at all times. We act in an ethical and sustainable way to ensure we and our partners protect the interests of society and the environment.