DER Touristik Group evolves to DERTOUR Group: A strategic milestone in its internationalisation journey

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DER Touristik Group, the second-largest tour operator in Europe and a key player in the international travel and tourism industry, announces a significant step in its strategic evolution through a rebranding initiative by becoming known as DERTOUR Group. This strategic move signifies the Group’s commitment to internationalisation and the cultivation of a joint international identity.

Scheduled to start in the second quarter of 2024 and expected to conclude by the end of 2025, the rebranding effort introduces a liquid design theme, symbolising the dynamic evolution of the brand. DERTOUR Group seeks to establish a cohesive and internationally recognisable presence, emphasising the collective strength derived from its diverse international travel experts and travel companies. The visual elements reflect a modernised and more emotional look & feel, ensuring a harmonious integration with the company’s diverse businesses and travel brands under the shared banner of an internationally focused platform.

Dr. Ingo Burmester, CEO Central Europe DERTOUR Group, explains: “The transition from DER Touristik to DERTOUR Group underpins our ambition to take a leading role in the international travel and tourism market. We want to become more visible as one strong Group, especially at the travel destinations. The new design concept provides a more modern, emotional, and relevant brand experience that will allow us to expand our reach.” 

The initiative goes beyond aesthetics, reflecting the Group’s dedication to creating a joint international platform. The Corporate brand encapsulates the international expertise of more than 9,200 professionals and the collaborative efforts of over 130 companies that craft extraordinary travel experiences for their guests.

DER Touristik Group’s evolution into DERTOUR Group reinforces the organisation’s commitment to adaptability in the dynamic travel industry, while ensuring a cohesive integration of the diverse businesses under a joint international umbrella brand.

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Photo caption: The rebranding signifies the Group’s commitment to internationalisation and the cultivation of a joint international identity.

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DERTOUR Group has its head office in Cologne, Germany, and is REWE Group’s travel and tourism division. As one of Europe’s leading travel groups, DERTOUR Group encompasses more than 130 companies and employs more than 9,200 people in 16 European countries. Every year, millions of guests travel with one of the Group’s tour operators or specialists. DERTOUR Group includes tour operators such as DERTOUR, ITS, Meiers Weltreisen, Kuoni, Helvetic Tours, ITS Coop Travel, Billa Reisen, Koning Aap, Apollo, Exim Tours and Fischer, as well as more than 2,100 travel agencies (such as DERTOUR, DERPART, Kuoni, Exim, and Fischer, as well as franchises and partners), the hotel brands Sentido, Aldiana, Calimera and COOEE, and the online travel agency Prijsvrij Vakanties. The DERTOUR Group also offers on-site support: The company runs an agency network with 72 offices in 30 travel destinations. The staff in the destination agencies assist the guests of the DERTOUR Group from their arrival at their holiday destination and until their departure. For more information, go to our corporate website.