DERTOUR Foundation reaches a decade of global impact with 10-year anniversary

A decade of impactful collaborations

DERTOUR Foundation[1], the non-profit association founded by DERTOUR Group, formerly known as DER Touristik, in 2014, proudly marks a decade of impactful global initiatives as it celebrates its 10-year anniversary this year. In honor of this milestone, DERTOUR Foundation is excited to reflect on the journey and share highlights of a decade of positive change.

The celebratory initiative, called 10 Years – 10 Faces, will showcase stories of collaboration and positive change starting this month and ending in December. Take a journey through the years by exploring the captivating stories of impact on the dedicated DERTOUR Foundation sub-page.

A decade of achievements

With a portfolio of 97 projects in 28 countries across 5 continents, DERTOUR Foundation continues to pen chapters of global impact.

  • Investing in people:

Over the past decade, DERTOUR Foundation, with the help of experienced partners on site, has built and equipped 71 schools globally, enabling 15.000 school children to receive an education. Other highlights include training programs at Pimali, Smiling Gecko, Africa Amini, and KOTO, providing promising futures for young individuals. Since 2020, the Foundation has supported 15 trainees at Smiling Gecko Farmhouse Lodge and financed 15 trainees at KOTO. Pimali has trained 21 young people since 2021 with the help of DERTOUR Foundation.

In Tanzania, the craftsmen’s center has offered prospects to 112 youth annually since 2018. The Women’s Center Tanzania, led by ECLAT, has empowered 75 women’s groups, with 58 receiving financial aid in the form of microloans to grow their businesses. Furthermore, as part of the Africa Amini Alama initiative, 15 secondary school students have been trained in sustainable tourism since 2022.

  • Nature conservation:

Together with local partners, DERTOUR Foundation is fighting to restore and preserve the balance of nature. Approximately 15,000 mangroves have been planted in Sri Lanka since 2022. Furthermore, through DERTOUR Foundation’s collaboration with Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF), 27 Aldabra giant tortoises have been rescued since 2021.

  • Animal welfare:

DERTOUR Foundation aims to safeguard the welfare of animals around the globe, as well as protect animals against the potential repercussions of tourism and promote positive impacts of tourism on wildlife. Throughout the years, the Foundation has collaborated with animal welfare organizations and other partners to supports various projects and offers travelers animal-friendly experiences. One example is the Lipsi Marine Mammal Center, which now serves as a sanctuary for seven seals, 30 turtles, and 10 dolphins. Other projects also include training 52 elephant guards since 2018 and the Bush Babies initiative, sensitizing 1800 children to environmental education around Kruger National Park. Additionally, 36 Black Mambas, young women from tribal communities, have been trained in anti-poaching efforts.

Laura Steden, Director Corporate Responsibility at DERTOUR Group, stated: “This milestone is a reminder of the hard work and dedication of everyone involved, and the impact these projects have had on the lives of others. In celebrating the Foundation’s 10-year anniversary, we are commemorating a decade of positive change, fruitful collaborations, and an opportunity to make a real difference in communities around the world. We’re excited to share these stories and inspire others to make an impact.”

Leif Vase Larsen, Deputy Chairman at DERTOUR Foundation, added: “As DERTOUR Foundation’s international presence expands, so does its impact, allowing us to reach even more people, in more places, with even more value. For us, there is no greater motivation than continuing to put the economic power of tourism to good use to protect and preserve the diversity of our planet, promote economic development in host countries, and fight poverty.”

DERTOUR Foundation welcomes all those who shares their vision of creating a meaningful global impact to participate in their mission and contribute to these initiatives through donations. Each contribution plays a vital role in making a lasting difference that benefits both society and the environment.

[1] The renaming of DER Touristik Foundation to DERTOUR Foundation as decided by the general meeting has not yet been entered in the register of associations.

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[1] The renaming of DER Touristik Foundation to DERTOUR Foundation as decided by the general meeting has not yet been entered in the register of associations.

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