Guidelines, Reporting
and grievance channel


Our guidelines define a binding framework for action for us and our business partners. With the measures and goals described therein, we advocate fair tourism that strengthens human rights, improves working conditions and works to protect animals and the environment.


In the sustainability report of our parent company, REWE Group, DERTOUR Group shows how the principle of sustainability is anchored in our core business and what progress and impact we are making.

REWE GROUP Sustainability Report 2022

Grievances about human rights or environmental risks or due diligence violations

Our grievance procedure in connection with the German Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains (LkSG) guarantees a trustworthy and at the same time transparent process in dealing with grievances about violations of human rights or environmental obligations. A grievance under the LkSG can be used to report suspicions of possible risks to human or environment rights or violations of due diligence obligation, such as forced labour, child labour, discrimination or the harmful contamination of soil, water and air, as well as detrimental noise and excessive water consumption which are linked to DERTOUR Group, its supply chains or its employees. Grievances can be submitted by employees as well as third parties.

It is particularly easy to submit complaints about human rights and environmental risks or breaches of duty via the digital complaints system of DERTOUR Group as part of REWE Groupanonymously if desired. In addition, the digital complaints platform enables smooth, data-protection-compliant communication between whistleblowers and the responsible departments of DERTOUR Group.

Individuals who wish to submit complaints about human rights or environmental risks or breaches of duty without using a digital tool can also continue to contact the DERTOUR Group ombudsperson.

Hände aufeinander

Customer complaints, for example about the quality of DERTOUR Group products and services or the services in the stores or travel agencies, are not considered grievances about human rights or environmental risks or due diligence violations. For these complaints, please do not hesitate to contact the customer service departments and hotlines of the company or brand concerned.

We expressly encourage employees and external parties to inform us of any suspicion on human rights or environmental risks or due diligence violations. Whistleblowers must not suffer any occupational disadvantages as a result of submitting grievances. The grievance procedure follows a defined process, which is also set out in the Rules of Procedure. Impartiality is guaranteed at all times; those involved in the procedure are not bound by instructions and are obliged to maintain confidentiality.