Transforming Lives through Vocational Training: DER Touristik Foundation’s partnership with ECLAT and upendo

Baraka Lazaro_Berufsbildungszentrum im Simanjiro-Distrikt

Fostering Change Together

As the DER Touristik Foundation reaches the remarkable milestone of a decade of impactful collaborations, we are thrilled to shine a spotlight on our valued partners. Today, we would like to introduce you to ECLAT, a non-profit, non-governmental organisation which is committed to improving life in poor communities in Tanzania, and upendo e.V., a Germany-based charity which supports development projects in Africa.

Empowering Futures

In the Simanjiro district of Tanzania, the Vocational Training Center for bricklayers, carpenters, and locksmiths addresses the scarcity of skilled workers and the resulting reliance on expensive labor for construction projects. Established through collaboration with the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, non-profit organizations ECLAT and upendo e.V., and the DER Touristik Foundation, the center aims to equip primary and secondary school leavers with practical skills, combatting unemployment and rural exodus in the region.

The center’s inauguration on November 26, 2021, marked a significant step towards this goal. It boasts classrooms, dormitories, workshops, and practical training sites for construction projects. The DER Touristik Foundation’s financial support, combined with ECLAT’s commitment to community improvement and upendo e.V.’s assistance in navigating this partnership, extends the impact beyond Simanjiro to address broader regional needs.

Since its inception in 2008, ECLAT Development Foundation has focused on improving living conditions in Tanzania. Originally centered in Simanjiro, the organization has expanded its reach, addressing issues ranging from water scarcity to female economic empowerment. Their collaborative efforts with upendo e.V. and the DER Touristik Foundation reflect a comprehensive approach to community development.

Now, let’s delve into the personal journey of an individual whose life has been transformed through the support of these organizations.

Insights and Impact: An Interview with Baraka Lazaro

Baraka Lazaro, a native of Namalulu village in the Simanjiro district, faced the challenge of limited education opportunities. Despite completing primary education, financial constraints hindered his further studies. Baraka found solace in manual labor, earning a daily wage to support his family. His life took a positive turn when he embraced the opportunity presented by the skills training center. Baraka enrolled in a welding and fabrication course, evolving into a skilled mason capable of leading construction projects.

Expressing gratitude for the comprehensive curriculum, Baraka emphasized the importance of life skills, entrepreneurship, and technical drawing in shaping his capabilities. “Now, I am a full mason able to build. I can be in charge of a contractual job and lead a team of labourers,” said Baraka. “I am glad that I have also learnt other courses including entrepreneurship, initiating and managing businesses. The technical drawing topic was also very important – although it was difficult at first, I found it very useful”.

Post-graduation, he aspires to work for a year, invest in block-making machinery, and support his siblings’ education.  “I really want to assist my siblings to continue with school. I also plan to continue with my level 3 studies”.

Baraka’s message to fellow youth is clear: “The youths should join the Vocational Training Center and gain life skills that will help them be in charge of their lives and earn income and importance in the community”.