Hotel division

Strategic Area of Growth: DERTOUR Group Hotel Division

The DERTOUR Group Hotel Division bundles all of the Group’s hotel activities. The latest of the five divisions strengthens its own hotel brands, positions them on the market and strategically develops the Group’s own hotel business.

The DERTOUR Group umbrella bundles the six well-known hotel brands Sentido, Aldiana, ananea, Calimera, Cooee and Playitas, which are mostly located in prime beach holiday locations. Sentido hotels welcome adult guests and small families with premium facilities, a stylish ambience and loving details. As a premium provider in the club division throughout Europe,Aldiana is one of the leading club holiday operators. Ananea, the lifestyle hotel brand for the modern, style-oriented traveller unites the charm of the region with contemporary architecture and design, paired with a local food concept. In addition to the flagship property in Fuerteventura, the Playitas brand includes two additional hotels in Greece and attracts everyone with a love of action, from amateur to professional sports enthusiasts.

In 2021, DERTOUR Group entered into a joint venture with the Deutsche Seereederei. The aim of this merger is to become a Europe-wide market leader in sustainable tourism with the brands A-ROSA Resorts & Hideaways, aja and Henri Hotels, and to expand the Group’s own range of hotels. Together, the joint venture therefore focuses on the Baltic and North Sea, the Alpine region and Italy growth markets at first

The management of DERTOUR Group Hotel Division can be found here.